Getting Tickets for Gigs at Anfield

Getting Tickets for Gigs at Anfield

Anfield Stadium is best known as the home of Liverpool Football Club. It is fair to say that when most people want to know about getting tickets for something at Anfield, it is usually a Liverpool match that is being discussed. Since the stadium was upgraded thanks to the development of the Main Stand and the Anfield Road End, however, more and more gigs have been hosted there.

Artists such as P!nk, Taylor Swift and The Rolling Stones have had performances at the famous ground, with tens of thousands of people turning up in order to watch them. The problem is, it isn’t actually that much easier to get tickets for them than it is to get some for the match.

Early Access to Members & Season Ticket Holders

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The first thing to know about gigs held at Anfield is that people who have paid to have a Membership or that have a season ticket in their name can get early access to tickets. The club obviously doesn’t sell all tickets that way, given the fact that most gigs would be sold out to just season ticket holders and members if they did, but if the gig is likely to not be quite as popular as the likes of Taylor Swift then you’ll stand a good chance of getting a few tickets.

If they are popular, as was the case when the ‘Swifties’ came to town, then the club will hold a ballot for those who wish to buy some tickets, which you might get lucky in.

Although it obviously isn’t dependable to have to get tickets through a ballot system, it still presents a decent chance of being able to get some good tickets and is likely to be cheaper than buying from third-party reseller sites. If you happen to know some Liverpool fans with a Membership or that are season ticket holders, you can ask them to get some tickets for you if they are able to.

You might also be able to hear about people that have bought some selling them for face value. It is worth pointing out that you should only part with money for such tickets if you completely trust the person that is selling them on.

Official Channels

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Whilst getting tickets through a Membership is good for those that already have one, it is worth remembering that you need to pay for a Membership, which will add a cost to the ticket price. If you would rather not do that then there are plenty of options available to you via other official channels.

Regardless of the artists that is performing at Anfield, they will have a deal in place with an official ticket seller such as Ticketmaster to distribute the tickets. This presents you with a chance to get tickets to see your favourite artist at Anfield without having to pay above odds to do so. The problem is, many others will be looking to do the same thing.

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It will be tricky to get a ticket via the Members sale, but there are likely to be significantly fewer Members trying to get tickets than the normal fans using the official channel. If you are able to get some via the likes of Ticketmaster than that’s great because you will know that they are real and you will be aware of exactly how much you’re going to be asked to pay for them.

If you can afford it, you can look to buy the more expensive tickets as they will be less popular with most attendees. This will mean that you have an increased chance of getting some. The same is true of getting some hospitality tickets through the club.

There are usually other companies that have a deal in place with the performers, too. The likes of American Express will sometimes give people the chance to buy tickets for the gigs of artists with whom they have agreements in place. Similarly, companies such as Expedia will offer packages, which not only include tickets for the gig but also a hotel stay and travel.

These are usually aimed at people coming from outside of the country, but given Liverpool’s sponsorship agreement with Expedia, it is more than possible to take advantage of the packages on offer in order to secure your ticket for the gig taking place at Anfield.

Third-Party Resellers

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Although it is not the best way of getting tickets for gigs at Anfield, one of the places you can turn to is the third-party reseller market. These are often abused by people who have bought the tickets with the express desire to sell them on for a profit, meaning that you will pay significantly above market value for the tickets, depending on how popular the gig is.

If it is sold out then there is a real chance that resellers could look for double the original ticket price or even higher for a gig being hosted at Anfield. Unfortunately, this is entirely legal and the club is unable to do anything about it. The key thing from your end is to do what you can to make sure the tickets are genuine.

Unfortunately, third-party sellers are not always reliable and above board. There are countless tales of people who spent large sums of money buying tickets from someone unofficial, only to find out after the fact that the tickets weren’t real. You can obviously try to speak to people at Anfield about this, but the reality is that there will be little that they can do.

The only way you can really ensure that your tickets are real is by buying them from genuine sources. If you get them from outside places, including third-party resellers, then you run the risk of them being fake and you losing the money you’ve spent on them.